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SST Tours has served a wide range of clients over our years of operation, including many academics and esteemed visitors. Here are some comments from our clients from around the world.


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Mr. Shayne Hoachlander, U.S.A.

In January, 2019 I enlisted the services of SST Tourism for a wildlife focused trip in Myanmar. The guide and translator assigned to me was Soe Min Aye. He stayed with me throughout the 16 day excursion and saw to my every need. He was always punctual, professional and attentive and displayed a great sense of humor. Additionally, we shared an interest in birding and he did an outstanding job of getting me to locations where we could get good views of many species of birds. He also did a good job of pointing out key field marks and behavior to allow for good identification.

As a professional in the wildlife conservation field in the U.S., I also have a keen interest in wildlife conservation throughout the world. Soe was able to introduce me to several wildlife professionals in Myanmar and also serve as an interpreter during some very complex discussions of management techniques and wildlife conservation policy. Certainly if I would have tried to carry out my inquiries on my own, my experience would not have been nearly as fruitful. Instead, with Soe’s assistance, I had a very informative and bonding experience, and felt that I was able to share a kinship with people with similar aspirations and passions.

I also was interested in a more private experience and not being around lots of other tourists. SST accommodated that very well. From beginning to end, SST took care of all of the logistical details and helped insure an outstanding experience. Soe was able to quickly determine my interests and tailor the trip to satisfy my objectives. I also appreciated that he made many of his purchases from local vendors and communities to help support their economies. SST Tourism has a good grasp of their role and responsibilities to their clients as well as the welfare of Myanmar and its people. I highly recommend their services.

Shayne Hoachlander, U.S.A.

We booked a 16 days birding/cultural trip with SST Tourism and Travel.
Except visits to some cultural highlights of Myanmar we wanted to see the nature.
Especially for us SST organized a lovely nature trip between our desired sights. Our guide had extensive knowledge of birds and their habitats. We came in pristine areas with much species. In the evenings we ticked off the bird counting lists he provided us.
All accommodations, transport and meals were well organized. The drivers were skilled and taking good care of us and our luggage.
But there was more; during the trip there were a lot of surprising moments like visiting markets along the road, drinking tea on very special spots, tasting local products in authentic restaurants , and when our guide found out we love wine so much he even took us to a wine tasting!

SST is a fine travel organization; good communication by email before and after the tour (helping to identify the birds on the pictures), all elements of the tour professionally organized, and guides and drivers flexible and attentive!

Thank you very much!

Dirk and Sylvia Wahl
The Netherlands

I without reservation recommend Saw as a tourist guide. He strongly leans toward eco-tourism and has a wide knowledge of the remoter areas of the countryside and national parks as well as the popular tourist destinations.
He has a background of vetinerary practice, has been a monk and run a souvenier shop so is well informed with a multitude of contacts. He is an officially qualified tour guide. He is thoughtful, generous with information and his time. He is always prompt at meeting places and days are well planned.

Saw has run specialised tours (birds, elephants, museums, specialised crafts) as well as introductory and business tours for the first time traveller. He is thoughtful about needs and quickly responds to requests that may be made during the tour.

SST tourism always responds quickly to e-mails – it is wise to discuss your tour before arriving and explain clearly what speed and level of comfort you require so that the necessary arrangements may be made. With SST Tourism your money goes to real citizens of Myanmar and is spread around the country, rather than being diverted to an international organisation.

Peter Stanbury, OAM PhD (Australia)

In the course of the last twelve years I have done six trips in Myanmar. Some of them to remote places far from the usual tourist paths. On all of these trips logistics were handled by SST. I highly recommend them for there excellent service, knowledgable and friendly staff and their years of experience in organising tours throughout the country. Apart from doing a great job providing all the assistance you will need, they are also on the forefront of a movement that tries to establish sustainable tourism in a country that faces major political and environmental challenges in the near future. For years now they have been involved in nature conservation and educational programs. So you can be sure that you will travel not only with a professional partner, but also with a responsible one. Visit Myanmar, one of the most fascinating counties in Asia, and do it with SST!

Aaron Ofner, Tour Guide for BirdLife Austria (Austria)

It is my pleasure to recommend Saw Hla Chit and the team at SST as a top tourism service in Myanmar.

I was a first client of SST in the late 1990s and have used them annually (sometimes more than once a year) since that time. They have always provided the utmost attention, handling all aspects of travel within their country. In addition to the usual travel necessities such as lodging, meals and drivers, they have arranged special services that allowed me best use of my time while in their country.

They have a deep knowledge of the various ethnic cultures and are involved in promoting respect and support for the diversity of their citizens. They were instrumental in the development of a sound environmental program and voluntarily began environmental education in the public schools. (It is an on-going process, which they continue to encourage.) They are familiar with the art and handicrafts of Myanmar and how to directly contact talented artists and craftsmen. They will gently guide visitors in the proper behavior at stupas, with monks, and when interacting with the general public.

Since I often travel into remote regions, they have obtained permits for limited access areas prior to my arrival in their country, saving time and additional expense for me. They are familiar with areas far beyond the normal tourist routes and have contacts throughout the country, enabling them to stay abreast of conditions affecting comfort and safety. They have arranged local guides and translators, bearers when necessary, even cooks and food supplies when required.

They have staff and advisors versed in the flora and fauna of Myanmar, with special access to scientists educated in specialties such as ornithology and marine biology. Experts on bats, orchids, elephants, turtles, tea plants, butterflies, and the beloved Ayeyarwady dolphins are at their disposal.

Whether one’s interest lies in religion, nature, festivals, hiking, shopping, beaches, or simply sightseeing, the guides, drivers, and management at SST work to protect the dignity and unique individuality of the people of Myanmar while striving to give a visitor a memorable experience.

Brenda Davidson-Shaddox

I have been cooperating with SST since 2004 on a regular basis, mostly for planning scientic excursions to remote areas such as Mt. Victoria or Mogok, but also purely touristic trips for family members. So far, I have never been disappointed and special requests were handled reliably and in a most and responsive way.
When dealing with travel agencies in developing countries one always has to be prepared for misconceptions, either due to language problems or sloppiness, nothing of which is the case with SST, though. Even when there were minor misconceptions they were solved quickly and satisfactorily.
After ten successful years of fruitful cooperation I can highly recommend the friendly people of SST to anyone planning scientific or eco-touristic (or just plain touristic) trips, also because they can rely on the expertise of former Forest Department rangers as knowledgeable guides.
So, for my part, I regard it as a very fortunate coincidence that one of my friends from the Nature and Wildlife Conservation Division introduced me to SST many years ago. It has made my work in this exciting country so much easier.

Dr.Harald Schillhammer,Austria

I would like to highly recommend the services of S.S.T. Tourism
In November 2014 my friend and I travelled to Myanmar, and decided we’d like two days of bird watching. I found S.S.T Tourism on the Internet and booked their services through the manager Mr Soe Min Aye. He proposed a schedule that was exactly as I required. Two days of birding on the dates that I chose, with an overnight stay at a nature reserve.
Mr Soe Min Aye’s services were to prove even more helpful than that. When we arrived in Yangon and rang to say we were ready to start our tour, Mr Soe Min Aye came to meet us at hour hotel and pointed out that we had arrived a day earlier than scheduled! We therefore realised we had a day with nothing to do and no hotel room booked. Mr Soe Min Aye immediately proposed to book us into a reasonably-priced hotel for the extra night and said he would put himself at our disposal, with a chauffeured car, to take us on an extra day’s birding on the unscheduled day. We did this and had a very enjoyable and profitable day on a nature reserve just outside Yangon.
After that, we began the two days birding that had originally been planned. Once again a chauffeur driven car was provided along with the services of a professional bird watcher Mr Ko Ye. He and the driver picked us up from our hotel early in the morning and took us to the Hlawgar Park nature reserve, then onto Moenyungyi Wetland about four hours drive north of Yangon.
Everything was taken care of. Our meals, our accommodation, park entrance fees and boat fees. We had a fabulous two days and, due to the expert bird spotting skills of Mr Ko Ye, I was able to see dozens of birds that I had never seen before.
I would like to thoroughly recommend the professional and friendly services of S.S.T. Tourism for anyone looking to have an enjoyable time watching wildlife in Myanmar.

Jenny Craddock, United Kingdom

SST Mr. Soe Min Aye February 15, 2015
To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to highly recommend the services of SST and in particular Mr. Soe Min Aye. We
have had the delightful experience of spending eight days with him and have developed a real
fondness for his special skills and warm and jolly personality.
Firstly, he is completely professional. He is always immaculately groomed and takes care to
wear the native longyi of the area we are visiting. Even if we arrive early for our appointments,
he is always waiting for us with a broad smile. He informs us carefully of the details of each
excursion and looks after us to make sure we don’t forget or leave anything behind. He has a
great store of history, geography, mythology and general information about the country and its
people. And If we manage to stump him with a question, he always gets back to us with the
answer the next day.
Secondly, Mr. Soe has an amazing intuitive personality. He very quickly knew us and exactly
what we liked, and he organized the trip accordingly. I’m 68 but very active and don’t always
like to be in the car so he would often have the driver pick us up in a different spot and we would
walk to the car. In certain towns he added into the schedule a short nature walk. He quickly
knew just how I liked my tea, when I needed the toilet, that my husband didn’t really appreciate
him always running around to open the car door for him.
Thirdly, Mr. Soe spoke to everyone he saw along the way with respect and kindness and
always made an effort to support local businesses even if o Ly in some small way. People were
drawn to his open and friendly nature just as we were.
We learned so many things about Myanmar, the Buddhist religion and life in general from our
dear guide that it was difficult to part from him. He will remain in our hearts and memories
always. I hope you will have the opportunity to know him and his business.

Dana Luedtke, USA

December 21, 2017
Service of Guide and operation
S.S.T. Tourism Co., Ltd.
We visited Meinmahlakyune Wildlife Sanctuary on 15 to 17 November 2017 with Mr. Soe Min Aye and his team.
It has been a great experience well organized. Transport, meals, accommodation, exploration of the delta with a specialist of marine crocodiles, visit of villages, everything was perfect.
We have discovered a beautiful aera and their nice locals. The members of all the team have been very kind and helpful.
We keep good memories of this expedition. We would recommend it to our friends anytime.
We wish you good luck with your company.

Have a nice touristic season,

Nicole Deslongchamps
Gérard Poirier
Québec, Canada
[email protected]