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Sandawlay Pagoda ( Ancient Pagoda) in Twante

Sandawlay Pagoda( Ancient Pagoda) in Twante CBT

This CBT tour take you to Twante and Kawhmu Township where CBT initiative site. The local community are strongly interest to develop in their region. The objectives of this tour running are:
-To conserve and protect the natural environment
-To get the knowledge and preserving the cultural heritages and natural  resources
-To get the tourism awareness for local community
-To collect and generate income for local community
-To exposure the local products to public

Twante Township also Twantay Township  is a township  in the Yangon Region of Burma ( Myanmar). It is located west across the Hlaing River from the city of Yangon. Twante is an important center of the ceramics industry. Myanmar archaeologists discovered hundreds of ancient kilns near Twante. The ceramics found near Twante date from the 15th to the 17th centuries. There are still about 50 kilns in the area.

Kawmhu Township  is a township of Yangon, Myanmar. It is located in the southwestern section of the Region.

Tour Itinerary of Twante-Kawhmu CBT

Handi Craft Art by Local Community

Handicraft Art by Local Community

Day.1: Morning about 07:30 am, transfer by car to NanthidarJetty of Yangon. Then cross by Ferry ship to Dalla abouyt 20 minutes. Then taking by private Light truck car to Seinpayar Monastery where to see the Archaeological Excavation site taking care by Venerable monk and local Community. On the way visit to Kanbe village to see the bamboo products as the cottage industry, visit to Maungtee Pagoda which is build by laterite stone in Sann Ywar village, the handicrafts by local people, the spirit house of Hero Min Ye Kyaw Swar . He was a hero who fought with Yar Za Di Yit ( Mon King). But he was failed unfortunately. After he died , became the Nat spirit.Then visit to Sein Payar Buddha Image which is over 100 ( Hundred ) year already. They call the name “ Portawmu Buddha Image”, observation to
Learning & Cooking Demostration by Local Community

Learning & Cooking Demonstration by Local Community

ancient cultural heritage site which was excavated only four month already. According to Archaeologists, they guess to those ancient site about 2 BC. Then observation at the Museum of Finger Marked Brick. Then drive to Zol Ti village by car and study the ancient Buddhist inscription in the palm leave at monastery, taking with local community and then drive to Twante by car. On the way visit to Kan Gyi Kone village where to see the ancient Kiln. Then proceed driving to Twante. Overnight in Twante.
Day.2: Early morning  breakfast at local tea shop about 07:30 am. Then visit to Shwesandaw pagoda, Sandawlay pagoda( Ancient pagoda), Myanmar  Ceramic Museum( Small museum) ,weaving textile factory at Shan Su  village, and then taking the Horse cart to  Ancient moat and city  wall  of Twante, Lunch at local restaurant. Then visit to Market,
Vegetable Products of Local Community

Vegetable Products of Local Community

Pottery making site, and boat riding in Twante Canal about 45 minutes. Then high tea at Local tea shop. And then back to Dala  city by public taxi car. Taking ferry boat to Yangon. Transfer to your respective hotel. Overnight in Yangon.
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