Indawgyi Lake with Inn Chit Thu

Please enjoy your Responsible Travel to Indawgyi Lake with a Community Group called “Inn Chit Thu”

Indawgyi Lake


Inn Chit Thu Tourism Group, Indawgyi

Inn Chit Thu Tourism Group, Indawgyi

Indawgyi Lake is currently a viable tourism destination for adventurous travelers and tourists
seeking an off‐the‐beaten track experience. The major issues with packaging it in a tour itinerary are the length of time it takes to get there,
expensive trasportation costs (by private car) and a lack of other interesting destinations in the vicinity
that are freely accessible to foreigners. The main attractions are:

 Beautiful scenery and still largely pristine nature
 A  number  of  outdoor  adventure  activities  on  offer:  kayaking,  cycling, trekking  and fishing.  Services  are offered by Inn Chit Thu Tourism Group, a community based organization run as a social enterprise
 Scenic villages dotted around the lake with extremely welcoming people
 Shwe Myitzu Pagoda on the lake itself
 Bird‐watching (especially from December to March when the migratory birds are present)