Kyeitali Community Based Tourism Initiative

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( 3-Days/2-Nights )

Local Community Kid on Turtle Ride

Local Community Kid on Turtle Ride

This projected program is for travelers who like to see natural marine resources and who respect the local lifestyle. This is an exciting new way to discover a relatively unknown and unspoiled Rakhine Coastal region. Sea-grass meadows are widely distributed along the Rakhine coastal region and they are in very good, pristine condition.

The plan involves community-led livelihood development, education and cultural empowerment, conservation & restoration of the coastal resources such as coral reefs and mangroves.

By developing this project, tourism related business opportunities will occur and increase community members’ income. The local community will get the knowledge to preserve the culture, tradition, ethnical value & preserving natural environment.

Kyeitali Town is situated approx. 80 km South of Ngapali Beach (approx. 4 hrs drive). The road to the project area is good enough.

The Kyeitali based local NGO, Rakhine Coastal Region Conservation Association (RCA), is actively involved in conservation and sustainable use of the natural resources in this region.

Program Itinerary

Day 01: Drive from Ngapali Beach to Kyeitali

Day 02: Kyeitali
In Kyeitali, see the plantation of a 50-hactre forest near Kyauk Taw Yaung Conservation Park, Mangrove conservation and re-plantation project, Arakan forest turtle (Endangered species). Participate in local education, health, economy and development activities. Study the Elephant fodder plantation for wild elephants in Rakhine Yoma Elephant Sanctuary, the fauna and flora of Rakhine Yoma forests, freshwater and marine products. Then visit the local fishing villages.

Day 03: Drive back to Ngapali Beach

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