Twante and Phyar Pone

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Phyar PoneThis overnight tour takes you to Twante, historical center of the Myanmar ceramics industry; Phyar Pone, the home of Myanmar royal Ramayana dramatic troupe and allows you to experience rural life in Myanmar just a short distance from Yangon.

Tour Itinerary

Day 01: Yangon-Twante-Phyar Pone

Approx. 5 am, pick-up from hotel and drive to jetty. Take a local ferry across the river to Dala. Once across, approx. 1 hour drive by local taxi to Twante. The road is bumpy yet very interesting ride, which provides a glimpse of life on and along the famous Twante Canal. A scenic landscape of vast paddy fields and small pagodas rising from the hillock amidst the fields are quite a contrast with Yangon with its noisy streets. Visit the village where earthen wear are produced and observe this very traditional craft. It is amazing to see potters using such big kilns and making pottery in a traditional way. Then drive to Phyar Pone. Arrival and transfer to guest house. Then visit Myanmar royal Ramayana dramatic troupers´ house and see antique head-dress. Overnight at guest house.

Day 02: Phyar Pone-Yangon

Breakfast at guest house. Drive back to Yangon by local taxi and ferry. Transfer to your hotel.

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