Ethnic Minority Tours

Ethnic Minority Tours of “Diverse Ethnicity – One Union”

Our ethnic minority tours allow you to experience the culture and way of life of Myanmar’s ethnic minorities and see some of Myanmar’s most beautiful scenery. These tours will take you to stunning and remote regions of the country and allow you to learn about and participate in the cultural traditions and customs of Myanmar’s ethnic minorities.

Kyaing Tong Tribe Tour

Length: 8-Days/7-Nights

Experience the culture of the hill tribes around Kyaing Tong, in the most eastern part of Myanmar near the border with Thailand, on this fascinating tour. This part of Myanmar boasts amazing natural scenery and unique culture. The tour includes some light trekking to reach the different villages and time in Yangon.
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Naga Traditional New Year Festival 2018

Length: 4Days/3Nights

Naga Traditional New Year Festival 2015

The Naga Traditional New Year Festival will be held in Nannyun town in this year, 2018. This Naga New Year Festival is happening alternately Lashe Town, Lahe Town and Nanyon Town. All of Naga sub tribe are enjoying in Naga New Year Festival. There are about 64 Naga Sub Tribes. They are staying around the Naga Land in Sagain Division.
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Kayah State Tour Inclusive Tourism


Padung women led business at Panpet

Kayah State Tour ( 3-Days/2-Nights ) Tourism in Kayah State holds great potential for growth, particularly for cultural and nature tourism. This can help to generate income, create jobs and open up opportunities for the local population, many of whom live in poverty. Tourism development can support handicraft, agricultural and food production for sustainable livelihoods. […]
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Tribal Chin Tour

Length: 7-Days/6-Nights

Tribal Chin Tour

The eastern side of the beautiful Mt Victoria is the setting for this tribe chin tour, which brings you into contact with the ethnic minority peoples of Chin State. You will interact with the villagers, learning about their culture, customs, arts, crafts and way of life. This tour also includes visits to two of Myanmar's most famous destinations: Yangon and the ancient capital of Bagan.
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Tribal Naga Tour in Myanmar

Length: 22-Days/21-Nights

Tribal Naga Tour

The north-west of Myanmar, close to the border with India, is home to the Naga tribe. This tour will allow you to interact with the Naga tribe, famed particularly for their unique headgear, weapons and tattoos, learning about their way of life, traditions, arts and crafts. You will also enjoy the beautiful scenery in this part of the country with short treks and boat trips part of the itinerary.
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